• The first home robot for autism therapy

    Romibo for Autism

    Romibo drives, speaks 26 languages, and comes with over 100 lessons designed by autism experts.

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How does it work?

Hint: No Programming Necessary

  • Romibo is an enaging and accessible  character for children to practice communication and social skills with. Think of him as a playdate that you can control or a teaching assistant with a perfect memory.


  • Romibo has been shown to be helpful at increasing verbalization, lowering anxiety, and increasing attentiveness in people of all ages and abilities.


  • Romibo drives, speaks 26 languages, displays emotions, follows eyes contact, and more.


  • As a caregiver you control every interaction with your ipad. You can have Romibo say everything you type or replay scripts that you’ve written out beforehand.


  • Because Romibo can connect to the internet, you can download, create, and share your interactions, stories, and lessons in our online library.

Social robotics for education at an affordable price point.

Romibo was developed at a National Science Foundation research and engineering laboratory with the mission of creating an affordable product to educators and caregivers.

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Many children prefer communicating with Romibo in times of high stress or anxiety.

Easy To Use

We have designed Romibo to be easy to use by educators and therapists regardless of their technical ability.


The software that powers Romibo is constantly improving can be updated wirelessly and automatically as we add more features.


Pre-orders now available

Meet Team Romibo

Creating a new category of education tools for connected caregivers

Jared Peters

Jared Peters

Co-founder and Autism Behavior Specialist

Aubrey Shick

Aubrey Shick

Inventor of Romibo

Danny Brown

Danny Brown

Chief Technology Officer

Sarah Trautman-Eslinger

Sarah Trautman-Eslinger

Over 4,000 children served as CEO of STE Consultants in Berkeley, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a medical device
Romibo is not a medical device or replacement for existing therapy. Romibo is a tool that caregivers can use to reduce anxiety and increase vocalization in some children. It is meant to augment and enhance traditional accepted autism therapies.

Do I need to be tech-savvy?
We’ve designed Romibo to be as easy and fun to use as any smart phone game. For the most basic speaking feature, you simply type in what you want Romibo to say and he will say it whenever you choose.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship internationally.

Is this appropriate for my child or student?
We don’t know. There are very few tools that work for all children but if your child is drawn to electronics or smart toys there is fairly decent chance that they’ll fall in love with Romibo.

Do I need to have an iPad to use Romibo?
Yes. Romibo requires that you own 1.) an iPad and 2.) an iPod Touch or iPhone 4 or later.

When will my Romibo ship?
Our first batch of Romibo’s are scheduled to ship in December 2015 and arrive in time for the holidays.

How do I cancel my Pre-order?
You may cancel your pre-order any time within 30 days of your order date. If you wish to cancel your pre-order please email [email protected] with the name and email address associated with your purchase

We want you to be comfortable with your purchase and care about your customer experience. Once we get closer to shipping your robots, we will publish a revised return and warranty policy.

and how do kids respond to Romibo?


Limited Pre-Orders Now Available

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